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We are a team of multidisciplinary experts

Since 2018, our team at the University of Wuppertal, stewarded by the Energy Endeavour Foundation, has been organising the Solar Decathlon Europe’s first German edition. We are convinced that the creation of liveable and sustainable cities won’t happen accidentally. What’s required are expertise, commitment and, most importantly, global solutions.

The Solar Decathlon Europe 21 will unite students, local residents, research and industry experts, as well as enthusiasts from across the globe. We have made it our mission to make the SDE21 a stimulating and inspiring experience for everyone, bringing us closer to the sustainable lifestyles of tomorrow.

With former participants, jury members and experts from different disciplines working in our team, we can build on a worldwide tradition of successful Solar Decathlons. In addition, we are closely collaborating with the organisers of previous SDE editions.

We are a team of multi­disciplinary experts

we love to learn, collaborate & create a better world

Before jumping into the organisation of the SDE21 in Wuppertal, we wanted to peek behind the curtains. The Solar Decathlon Europe 19 in Hungary was the perfect opportunity to do so. In June 2019, some of our team members headed to Szentendre, a small town close to Budapest. For more than three weeks, our SDE21 area, including a real moving miniature model of the Wuppertal suspension railway (“Schwebebahn”), was part of the SDE19’s competition site.

It was an intense but rewarding experience. We learned about the organisation and procedures of the SDE19, made friends with competing teams, and got many excited about the SDE21 taking place in Wuppertal. And by sharing mosquito spray, sun screen, and an occasional glass of wine in the evening, we also got to know each other better within our newly assembled team.

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let’s do this! Together

During our visit to Szentendre, we experienced first-hand the drive, enthusiasm and commitment behind the Solar Decathlon Europe. We were able to witness the passion of the teams guiding visitors through their buildings, the incredible joy of the winners during the award ceremonies, the almost family-like atmosphere and inspiring energy uniting participants as they worked together towards realising their vision.

We would be delighted if you joined us on this exciting journey. Become part of the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 and the international SDE-community. Together we can face the challenge that is shaping the housing and living environments of tomorrow!

let’s do this! Together

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