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Buildings play an important role in the energy transition. They offer a great potential to achieve the climate protection goals. Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 creates a platform where innovative approaches in architecture meet building and energy research. This research is supported by the funding initiative “Energiewendebauen” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWi). We have already compiled an overview of the research relevance and the impact of previous competitions together with our partners. You can read the report (PDF) as well as the paper here. ●


In some selected areas, the SDE 21/22 provides the occasion for a closer look at their current research relevance.

Man on a crane at a building site

Prefabricated and modular construction methods are becoming increasingly important in the building sector. The degree of prefabrication of buildings is increasing and more work steps are shifted from the construction site to the production hall. Prefabrication and modular construction are important success factors in the Solar Decathlon Europe.


Sustainable use of our planet's resources is increasingly becoming a fundamental issue in future-oriented construction. “Urban mining”, secondary building materials, cycle-compatible constructions and recycling concepts are important keywords here.

Chart of a house

Climate change contributes to the fact that we are already experiencing higher summer loads in our buildings. Properly planned and constructed, these problems can often be counteracted without air conditioning.

Electrical energy balances diagram

Our electricity grid, and thus our homes, are increasingly powered by renewable energy. For low greenhouse gas emissions and stable grids, it is important that buildings and grids work together optimally.

Electrical energy balances diagram
electric vehicle parking spots

The construction of houses and their use generates more traffic. An urban mobility turnaround is urgently needed. Mobility concepts at neighbourhood level include measures that ensure the mobility of neighbourhood residents with minimal environmental impact.

House of team Wuppertal in Madrid 2010

Solar systems for electricity and heat become self-evident parts of the building envelope. Integrating them convincingly in terms of function and design is a current task. Solar Decathlon Europe generates examples of a wide range.

House of team Wuppertal in Madrid 2010

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