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AuRA ● Grenoble, France

Teamphoto of AuRA

● Team © AuRA / SDE 21/22

● Exterior Render HDU © AuRA / SDE 21/22

University ● Grenoble School of Architecture
task ● renovation & extension, Hotel “Two sisters’s”, Château Bernard

The team will be jointly guided by the Grenoble National School of Architecture (ENSAG) and the Grands Ateliers Innovation Architecture (GAIA), the biggest French technical platform dedicated to innovation and experimentation in the field of architecture. These two institutions have been historically deeply involved in the previous SDE adventures the team AURA participated in. The team will also include nine other schools of Grenoble and around.

the team

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● Exterior Render building after renovation © AuRA / SDE 21/22

the project

The French team is working on the renovation and extension of a 1970s hotel in the Grenoble region. To achieve the best possible result for the people and the environment, students from various disciplines are working together on the project. In this project, architecture meets ethnology, urban planning, landscape architecture, economics and history.

The concept is based on the idea of a housing cooperative, which was already promoted in France in the late 19th century. The aim is to counteract real estate speculation and strengthen democratic coexistence. The architectural design combines high-tech and low-tech. In this way, modern standards are achieved, and the local character is preserved. The reuse of building materials is also a concern for the students.

● Model of the complete building design © SDE 21/22

● Model of the house in Wuppertal © SDE 21/22

● Exterior Render HDU © AuRA / SDE 21/22

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Christophe de Tricaud, Project manager

Nicolas Dubus, Faculty advisor

Clara Monceau, Communication coordinator

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AuRA ● Grenoble, France