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Deeply High ● Istanbul/​Lübeck, Turkey/​Germany

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Teamfoto von Deeply High

● Team © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

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University ● Istanbul Technical University/Technical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck
task ● renovation & addition of storey, Kiel

About the team

“Deeply high” is an international, interdisciplinary project group with the aim to develop, design and plan vernacular architecture in a holistic approach for a sustainable, climate-resilient and the socially responsible built environment. The group formed right after the previous Solar DecathlonAfrica in Morocco in 2019 with architectural and construction expertise in the hands of the THL and energy and sustainability expertise especial at ITU.


The Deeply High modules

● Module © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

The model of Deeply High

● Map © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

Our motivation

‘Deeply high’ is an international, sustainable design projectgroup which is formed to participate in Solar DecathlonEurope that is organised by the U.S. Department of Energy, which will be taking place in Wuppertal, in June 2022. The team’s vision is to develop the most effective and sustainable city models for the future by combining yesterday’s wisdom with today’s technology.

Team Deeply High believes that this competition is the most prestigious and influential stepping stone to make this dream come true. The group aims to build sustainable living spaces which are attainable for everyone. ‘Built environment’ represents the physical frame for human’s lives: living, learning, producing and trading. We are very clear on this holistic approach and strongly believe that as a group we can create this ecosystem where people live in harmony with nature without sacrificing the benefits of advanced technologies.

Our motivation

The Deeply High volumes and boxes

● Volumes and boxes © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

The Deeply High Sketch of volumes

● Sketch of volumes © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

The Deeply High Concept of volumes

● Concept of volumes © Deeply High | SDE 21/22

Project description

‘Deeply high’ is an international, interdisciplinary project group with about 80 people from Germany and Turkey. We aim to develop, design and plan vernacular buildings in a holistic approach for a sustainable, climate-resilient and socially responsible built environment. With building materials being responsible for appr. 10% and production, operation and modernization even appr. 40% of global CO-2emissions, the way of living and resource consumption has to change – especially because urbanization and thus building demands increase globally.

During the Solar Decathlon, we develop the most environmentally friendly solution for re-densification in Kiel, Germany, by developing an integrative vertical extension for already existing buildings. Kiel as state capitol city from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, is an example for a densely populated city and a diverse community and demography – our project thus shall serve as an example for a broad mass of re-densification processes in prospective years in various cities and countries.

Therefore, we develop and design solutions not only for one building, but a general concept for environmentally and socially viable life including building into already existing infrastructures. Our special solutions include socially friendly architectural design for the strengthening of communities, sustainable material choices with a high urban mining and recycling potential, locally available resources, and renewable energies including not only standardized solutions like photovoltaic but algeatecture with algea from the Baltic sea.

Urban gardening shall not only serve biodiversity and cooling of city temperatures, but also increase the awareness for regional food and community gardening. An integrative infrastructure and climate friendly urban mobility will help to show our approach for a successful urban transformation o resilient and climate friendly cities in a holistic approach not only for urban areas, but for various regions as well, which is why our project is made for ‘Stadt-Land-Rand’ (‘Town – Countryside – Conurban’).

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The texts were written by the teams themselves and will be updated during the competition.

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Deeply High ● Istanbul/Lübeck, Turkey/Germany