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University ● Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism
Task ● Renovation & Addition of storey, Mirke district, Wuppertal

About the team

EFdeN is an NGO with over 6 years of experience and 12 successfully implemented projects. The team is comprised of 50+ students and graduates, passionate about sustainability and change, working interdisciplinarily in 10 different departments. After two previous participations in the Solar Decathlon competition (SDE 2014, Versailles & SDME 2018, Dubai), team EFdeN is ready to tackle the most important objective so far, the urban challenge of Wuppertal.

Our motivation

We develop projects and communities that want to transform Romania and its cities into the places people want to live in. We focus on sustainability and climate change, environment and youth empowerment. Or main goal is education, in that sense the vision of our team is to prepare the next generation of experts in the field of sustainable architecture and mindful resource, a positive way consumption. The core of all our work is the passion to use what we learn in order to ensure that we impact the future in a positive way.

Moreover, through our projects, both in the Solar Decathlon Competitions and on a national scale, we aim to raise awareness of the general public in regards to these issues. Our hope is to set an example of good practice that inspires the public to build, live and consume in harmony with the environment. In consequence, we have participated in and even launched national and local projects aimed to promote, shape and innovate these fields.

Our motivation

Project description

Our vision is to create a sustainable and affordable housing model that empowers single-living people by forming a community. It must be easily constructed and adaptable to different urban scenarios and multiple usage cycles, featuring a close connection between humans and nature.

The goal was to create a design strategy, based on a modular interpretation of space. This could ensure that sustainable interventions can be implemented in different sites and various configurations just by defining the constraints resulted from the urban analysis. On a 4m x 4m grid, 3 types of single-living apartment modules and one private greenhouse module can be combined to adapt to any urban scenario. The modular solution is to be understood as the core of the design, being neutral enough for further customization.

To determine the viability of our solution, we will build, test and optimise a siteless prototype (HDU). To incorporate all of our main ideas in one prototype and to study the relationships between the spaces we imagine, our HDU consists of one living unit module, one greenhouse, a part of the common room and one technical room.

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Dalia Stoian, Project Manager EFdeN @ SDE 21/22
Phone: +40 727 512 060

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EFdeN ● Bucharest, Romania