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University ● Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
Task ● Renovation & Addition of storey, Nuremberg

About the team

The Solar Decathlon at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Science is currently driven forward by an interdisciplinary team of students from various courses of study and faculties with around 20 advising professors at their side. The different work areas are supervised by eleven student team leaders from different disciplines, each of whom supervises a larger group of students.

Our motivation

Our motivation to participate in SDE 21/22 is not only to maintain the level of the university’s competition entry at SDE10 in Madrid, but also make a meaningful contribution to climate neutrality of our cities. That is why we want to create sustainable, energy-efficient and socially acceptable architecture to drive the energy transition in urban neighborhoods and shape sustainable cities.

Our innovative living concept is designed to enhance German cities not only architecturally and aesthetically, but also socially. The new affordable living space adapts to the individual models and needs of different population groups through flexible use.

To sum it up: levelup … your living!

Our motivation

A model concept of Level Up

● © levelup | SDE 21/22

A model concept of Level Up

● © levelup | SDE 21/22

Project description

In our project levelup we create practical, innovative and future oriented solutions for affordable housing in urban areas. We are developing a modular, two-storey addition including roof gardens and communal areas in timber construction with a high degree of prefabrication to reduce construction time and costs to a minimum. Furthermore, the focus of the addition is on recyclable constructions made of renewable, biogenic, CO2-absorbing building material wood and recycled and recyclable materials. The goal is to use sustainable, energy-efficient and socially acceptable architecture to advance the energy transition in urban neighbourhoods and create sustainable cities.

As an addition to the storeys of an existing apartment building, the system can be adapted to a wide variety of buildings that correspond to the building and floor plan typologies of residential buildings from the 1950s to 1970s. This creates an innovative solution for redensification in cities, which can be applied to the largest proportion of the German building stock of multifamily houses. The SDE 21/22 competition entry will be developed on the basis of an existing building in Nuremberg, that exhibits the building and floor plan typologies described. The modular construction makes it possible to react individually to the existing situation at each location and to create new, innovative living space that is needed on site. At the same time, the system can react flexibly to the needs of the residents and serve every age and target group without restrictions.

The integration of flexib­le rooms, some of which are located between the individual residential units, enables the desired flexibility. The flexible as well as connectable rooms can be used as a separate living unit or divided among the neighboring apartments, gaining additional living space, which allows the apartments to be enlarged. With its expressive, visionary architecture, the levelup system stands out from the existing building and at the same time forms a unit with it through the redesign and the renovation of the existing facade. The extension, makes a statement. It does not try to hide in the monotonous image of the residential buildings, but arouses the interest of pas­sers-by through its prominence. This is not only to draw at­tention to the levelup system in timber modular constructi­on and the associated type of redensification in the city, but the architecture also draws attention to the issue of sustai­nability in the neighborhood.

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Andreas Boschert, Project Manager



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levelup ● Rosenheim, Germany