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University ● FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences
Task ● Closing gaps, Mirke district, Wuppertal

About the team

LOCAL+ consists of more than twenty creative and ambitious architecture students who are supported by professors, research assistants from various departments and cooperation partners such as the Research Center Jülich. They want to put the goal of a future-oriented city into a comprehensible context and encourage both business and society to develop and implement new sustainable solutions.

The model of local+

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Project description

The LOCAL+ concept embraces two guiding principles: foster social interaction and make positive contributions to the planet.

In order to foster social interaction LOCAL+ has developed a housing concept for (temporarily) single people who want to be part of a community and enjoy making new experiences. The whole house serves as one big shared apartment for the residents. Basement, ground floor and garden serve as shared areas for the residents. Here, they can find a fully equipped kitchen, cozy chill out and stylish dining area. The garden provides space for urban gardening, relaxing in the sun and chatting with friends while sitting on the stairs.

Levels one to four serve as small shared apartments. The apartments have a very unique design: instead of ordinary rooms the CUBE was invented. The CUBE is a small movable and barrier free room within the apartment. It is fully equipped with everything a resident need for their personal life. It holds a shelf, bed and desk. From the outside even more furniture can be attached. But what is more important is that the CUBEs are fully movable. This means the floor plan can be adapted by the residents according to their daily needs.

Besides social interaction, LOCAL+ has set out to create a building that innovatively and smartly integrates new energy and sustainability concepts. With a clever combination of different concepts for generating, storing and utilizing energy, two thirds of the house’s energy needs can be covered. Therefore, the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint as well as designing and constructing in a resource-saving way can be achieved.

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local+ ● Aachen, Germany