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University ● National Chiao Tung University
Task ● Closing gaps, Taipei

About the team

NCTU is one of the most famous research-based university in Taiwan and the world. NCTU’s Team UNICODE made big achievements when their “Orchid House project” won the 1st prize of UDTA, 2nd prize of innovation and 3rd prize of energy efficiency at SDE 2014. At SDME 2018, their project C.A.B. won the 3rd prize of Creative Solution, 7th place winner of SDME AWARD Team TDIS (Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop) participates at SDE 21/22 with its project “House For All”.

Our motivation

The urban issues that “House For All” is trying to solve are not only the problems faced by Taipei and Taiwan, but also the huge issues that the world is facing. In addition, the population structure in cities covers all age groups and occupations, and everyone has different needs and lifestyles. The motivation of Team TDIS to participate in SDE 21/22 is taking this opportunity to communicate with society and arouse social awareness through the design of our project. It is hoped that through the “circular and universal design”,House For All will become a greener living solution for everyone.

Our motivation

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Project description

Taiwan is currently facing consequential environmental and social problems: urban heat islands cause the temperatures rise, urban flooding, and air pollution. With the escalation of extreme weather conditions worldwide, the urban population‘s living conditions are increasingly grim.

Research shows a life cycle of Taiwanese architectures is only 35 years. Today, 70 percent of Taipei‘s residential buildings are over 30 years old, and do not fulfill today‘s living requirements. Many old buildings, as a result of damages or abandonment, are gradually leaving empty holes within cities. While these portions of land continuously idle, housing prices continuously increase, and living in the city becomes more and more difficult. Moreover, peoples‘ basic living standards are not insured.

“House for All“ is a brand-new urban planning solution which will interpose on the empty spaces in cities. As a “Mid-Way House“ plan to modify Taipei City‘s empty spaces will take an estimated 20 years before buildings are ready for residential usage. The residential quarters are designed with three elements. The first is “Equality Skin“, which will help buildings block out urban pollution, collect rainwater, and produce energy for residential usage and a shared bicycle system via solar panels. The second is “Party Core Wall“, which stores the MEP equipment required to use modern technology thus increasing spatial functionality and efficiency. The third is “Civic Plates“, which allows the building to transform back and forth from the functions of living and socializing; all providing a multifunctional structure.

“House for All” is a universal residential building prototype, suitable for different site conditions. Through various, highly flexible systems, we wish to fill in empty spaces in cities, and bring a comfortable and affordable life. As “House for All” takes root in different streets it will create a shared, tightknit living network, providing a new way of living which will face social and environmental challenges with a renewed vigor and sustainable urban renewal solution.

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Sheng-Kai Tseng, Project Manager
Phone: +88635712121#58767



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TDIS ● Taipei, Taiwan