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About the team

Team TDIS (Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop) is based in NCTU (National Chiao-Tung University), one of the most famous research-based universities in Taiwan and the world. The team has accomplished some award-winning projects in the past. At SDE 2014, the team’s project “The Or­chid House” won the 1st prize of UDTA, 2nd prize of Innova­tion and 3rd prize of Energy Efficiency. At SDME 2018, the team’s project “C.A.B.” won the 3rd prize of Creative Soluti­on, and most important of all, the 7th place of SDME Award.

Our motivation

Looking forward to finding better solutions for the cities of tomorrow, Team TDIS do not want to miss the opportunity and challenge of SDE 21/22. Composed with young, enthusias­tic and public-spirited students and faculties, team TDIS is highly motivated to solve the increasingly crowded and deteriorating living conditions in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei. With the “House for All” project, the team aims to bring in a new architectural prototype to the market thus improving the physical environment as well as life quality for urban dwellers of all ages and all needs. It is hoped that through the circular and universal design coming from Tai­wan, the team can be the inspiration for a more accessible green solution for the global village.

Our motivation

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● © TDIS | SDE 21/22

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Project description

As part of the global village, Taiwan is facing serious envi­ronmental and social problems: urban heat islands, urban flooding, and air pollution. With the escalation of extreme weather conditions worldwide, the urban population‘s living conditions have become increasingly grim.

Besides the global crisis, Taiwan has a problem of our own. Research shows that the life cycle of Taiwanese architectu­re is only 35 years. Today, 70 percent of Taipei‘s residential buildings are over 30 years old, and can no longer fulfill to­day‘s living demands any more. Many old, deteriorated buil­dings are left in abandonment and have become the empty holes within the city’s panorama. While these aged spaces are left idled and unused, it is more difficult for the young, the old and poor to own a house of one’s own. The soaring housing prices and the resulting limited housing choice gra­vely compromised the basic living standards of urban dwel­lers. Overcrowdedness, climate crisis and social alienation, are three critical issues that urban people are facing.

To make a change, we present to you the ‘House for All’. It is not only a ‘mid-way house’ building plan but also a new way of urban planning. Being interposed on the gaps of hcity, ‘House for All’ proposes to utilize the land more efficient­ly and make the space available and friendly to people of all ages and all needs with innovative designs as follows.

The design comprises three major elements which are our response to the three urban issues observed. First of all, to combat climate change and the energy crisis, „Equality Skin“ enables a sustainable living style for all. With rain­water collecting systems and solar panels, essential energy for residential use can be self-provided. Secondly, to solve overcrowdedness and make space into good use, “Party Core Wall” integrates all the cables and pipelines needed inside one wall. As a result, less fragmented space is created. Last but not least, to fight interpersonal alienation among urban dwellers, “wCivic Plate“ opens up a space of shared utility and emotional interaction for all. By opening the rarely used top floor, neighbors of different levels can enjoy gathering, entertainment, cooking and doing laundry together. Mo­reover, with highly flexible systematic designs, people of all ages and all needs can be satisfied.

To conclude, in the era of pandemics, the demands of a safe and comfortable life with clean energy architecture are more imminent than ever. “House for All” answers to peo­ple’s calling and the time’s calling as universal residential building prototype suitable for various site conditions. It is the team’s belief that an urban life should be comfy, green, and also affordable. “House for All” is not just a dream, but a feasible scenario waiting for all.

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The texts were written by the teams themselves and will be updated during the competition.


Sheng-Kai Tseng, Project Manager
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