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Team Sweden ● Gothenburg, Sweden

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University ● Chalmers University of Technology
Task ● Renovation & Addition of storey, Gothenburg

About the team

Team Sweden is a young and energetic group with student and faculties from different background and nationalities. Yet we share a common goal of creating a better place to live, work and grow together. The team is expanding with more motivated individuals curious to share their thoughts and knowledge for a constructive design system.

Our motivation

SDE 21/22 has been a great platform for us to explore and experiment with different aspects of sustainable building design. As a team, we work on collaborating to learn from each other and design coherently. Our main focus is to explore the tangents of designing a future sustainable built environment that caters to social, economic and educational and innovative aspects of sustainable living in an urban context. Our intention to design this living lab which sets the base for testing various innovative systems expands our knowledge across different subjects. This way we no longer restrain just to architecture but encourage us to work on a multidisciplinary approach.

C-hive – Today‘s innovation, Tomorrow‘s Lifestyle!

Our motivation

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● © Team Sweden | SDE 21/22

Project description

The project is challenging the traditional views on the domestic sphere and developing the home to fit our needs today. By combining co-living and co-working we hope to offer the market a housing typology, that fits people’s lifestyle today. Using groundbreaking technology, modular elements and innovative ideas, the goal of this project is to create sustainable homes that offer a high comfort level.

Two tenants get to share one unit, within each living unit the project offers spaces for the tenants to live, work and socialize with each other. Each tenant gets their private space with a bedroom that is linked to a shared area consisting of a kitchen, dining room, living room and office area. The units will together create an urban landscape on the rooftop of an existing building and offer social areas where all the tenants can meet and socialize. As the proposal is a rooftop extension. The building design is inspired by mossy tree trunks, mushrooms sprouting out of the ground and a sense of something new growing on top of something old.

We started to think of our project through the metaphor of the tree – with the trunk providing stability and carrying the branches, the bark which serves as protection and texturing and finally the leaf canopy which brings everything together.

The focus has been on developing a wall system that binds and carries everything that emphasises the upward movement and a sense of growing beyond. On top of the walls sits the roof which flows and protrudes beyond the edges providing shelter from both rain and sun. The design creates a contrast between a more ordered exterior with a facade made out of birch bark and an organic interior providing a sense of protectedness and warmth.

The design also focuses on the integration of the urban environment at the rooftop enhancing different connections. The horizontal connection, through different visual contact at various levels; the sky, rooftop, and the streets. The vertical connection is enhanced by adding different functions to the building and integrating with the urban mobility and energy system where the building acts as a collective hub of resources.

What makes the project unique its is use of 3D printing with Cellulose. It will become the world’s first building to use a cellulose-based additive manufacturing system.

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Jonas Lundberg, Faculty Advisor


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Team Sweden ● Gothenburg, Sweden