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University ● Biberach University of Applied Sciences
Task ● Renovation & addition of storey, mirke district, Wuppertal

About the team

Our interdisciplinary project team consists of energy and civil engineers, project managers and architects. Students work on the project with the support of professors. Different HBC institutes contribute to the project with profound expertise, innovative approaches and practical experience. The SDE 21/22 project permeates the entire university and combines subject-specific competencies to create innovative solutions for sustainable buildings in the urban context.

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‘The SDE 21/22 gives us students the chance to gather specialized expertise in the field of energy-efficient construction and hone both our practical and social skills.’

● Lena Frühschütz, Master’s student and Project Manager of X4S

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● © X4S | SDE 21/22

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● © X4S | SDE 21/22

Project description

Our aim as a team is to create a solution for climate change in the urban context. This solution excels in terms of sufficiency, efficiency, consistency and resilience. We have to rethink our view on cities and to change the built environment in order to achieve greater sustainability and address social and economic demands at the same time. This is where the extension of cafe Ada acts an example for a transferable approach.

Densification solves urban issues like excessive land use, increased traffic due to spread-out cities or social isolation. The design focuses on residents who are interested in social participation. With small but expandable floor plans, the building provides living space for the growing demand for one or two-person households as well as for small families. Essential for that concept is to reduce the floor area per person and to offer common areas for flexible use.

Cost-effective and fast to build constructions can be achieved by solid timber elements. A great share of prefabrication, minimal loads and separable components are advantages of this construction. Also, solid timber constructions enable high fire protection that we need for multi-storey extensions.

The engineering and construction concept are aligned along the follows following principles: Reducing heat losses by a highly insulated building envelope which is optimized for solar passive gains. Next, active use of solar energy on facade and roof to produce heat and electricity. Also, a grid friendly operation is enabled by storage systems in combination with an intelligent management system.

To make sustainability affordable, we make use of existing efficient technologies integrated in a highly efficient and resilient system design. Then, the components of the system are used multifunctional wherever possible.

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‘This competition involves all our building disciplines. We transfer from lecture hall and lab to practice to create concepts for sustainable buildings in the urban context – an inspiring challenge.’

● Andreas Gerber, Faculty Advisor of X4S

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The texts were written by the teams themselves and will be updated during the competition.


Lena Frühschütz, Press Officer


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X4S ● Biberach, Germany