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Level Up ● Rosenheim, Germany

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University ● Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
Task ● Renovation & Addition of storey, Nuremberg
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About the team

The project Level Up at the TH Rosenheim is currently driven forward by a six-member student core team of the Faculty of Interior Design, Architecture and Design (IAD). They are supported by around 20 consulting professors and students from a wide range of study courses.

Our motivation

After its great success in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 as the ‘Vice World Champion in Solar Building’, the TH Rosenheim wants to continue their winning streak. Then, as now, our recipe for success lies in the assembly of curious minds, a healthy mixture of visionary thinking, engineering expertise, creativity, and drive. ‘Because we didn’t know how high the mountain would be, we originally set out on this two-year journey with a carefree and energetic spirit,’ concluded the former SDE management. Since then, a lot has happened on either side.

Most importantly, the competition content has changed, and for the first time, SDE21 addresses the most pressing issues of urbanity: the creation of affordable living space, transformation to a climate-neutral building inventory, and the sustainable use of resources. With an interdisciplinary team, the TH Rosenheim wants to conquer this mountain and rethink living, as we know it: Level Up is a flexible, modular system that radically and newly addresses the issue of addition, thus contributing to the enhancement of the cityscape and the achievement of climate goals.

Our motivation

A 3D-model of Level Up
A draft of Level Up

Project description

Level Up stands for a modular, flexible addition in lightweight wood construction, adaptable to almost all buildings constructed between the 50s to the 70s. This creates an innovative solution for redensification in cities, which can be applied to the largest proportion of the German building stock of multi-family houses.

The SDE21 competition entry will be developed based on an existing building in Nuremberg that exhibits the building and floor plan typologies described. The extension to the existing building in Nuremberg comprises two levels of extension, which include private living space as well as communal common areas, and utility rooms that serve as basement and attic compensation.

The modules of the system are planned with a high degree of prefabrication in innovative timber construction so that all elements can be dismantled and recycled according to the Cradle to cradle® principle. This makes it possible with Level Up to react individually to the existing situation at each location and to create new, innovative living space that is needed on site. At the same time, the system can react flexibly to the needs of the residents and serve every age and target group without restrictions.

The integration of flexible rooms, which are located between the individual residential units, enables the desired flexibility. The flexible as well as connectable rooms can be used as a separate residential unit, or be divided among the neighbouring apartments, thus gaining additional living space. In this way, the apartments of the addition can ‘grow’ with the residents and react flexibly to the number of residents in a residential unit. A sanitary supply in each unit allows for the use as living space as well as alternating use as seminar or work units. For the exact use and application, the Level Up team will develop a dedicated rental and usage system.

The addition will include simple, user-friendly and sustainable building services engineering which manages and controls the building-integrated, renewable and modular energy production. The addition in combination with an intelligent integration of façade greening initiates climate security and is to be brought to an energy-plus level that includes the supply of the existing building over the entire life cycle. Photovoltaic modules for solar power generation on the entire façade and on the roof will also contribute to this.

With its expressive, visionary architecture, the Level Up system stands out from the existing building and at the same time forms a unit with it through the redesign and the renovation of the existing façade. The architecture plays with projections and recesses, which form terraces and loggias and thus create added value for the residents. This creates both private and communal open spaces. Roof gardens on the open spaces of the second-floor level, together with façade greening, offer a high level of biodiversity and an ecological enhancement to the addition. Complementary to the communal open spaces, the extension also includes multi-purpose rooms that can be used by the entire building community.

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For more information about Level Up, please visit the project website.


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Level Up ● Rosenheim, Germany