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A portrait of Dr. Daniel Lorberg.

● Dr Daniel Lorberg © SDE21

An image of Dr. Simon with a brochure of the SDE21.

● Dr-Ing. Katharina Simon © SDE21

Carsten Voss, Katarina Simon and Daniel Lorberg from SDE21

● Project leaders Dr Daniel Lorberg, Dr-Ing. Katharina Simon and Prof. Dr-Ing. Karsten Voss (from right-to-left) © SDE21

A photo of the SDE21 team at Utopiastadt.

● Team SDE21 © SDE21

The Urban Research Team of SDE21

● Urban Research Team Lea Kings, Melina Freudenthal, Dr Franziska Stelzer and Ines Stelk (from right-to-left) © SDE21

Logo of the SDE 21/22

● Logo © SDE 21/22

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