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AuRA ● Grenoble, France

The logo of AuRA

● logo © AuRA/SDE21

Portrait collage of the members of team AuRA with their names.

● team © AuRA/SDE21

Drawing of an house by team AuRA.

● house drawing © AuRA/SDE21

Azalea ● Valencia, Spain

Logo of team Azalea.

● logo © Azalea/SDE21

Photo of team Azalea.

● team © Azalea SDE21

Front view on the house of team Azalea's urban situation.

● El Cabanyal II © Azalea/SDE21

Image of the outside of the urban situation chosen by team Azalea.

● El Cabanyal © Azalea/SDE21

coLLab ● Stuttgart, Germany

Logo of team coLLab.

● logo © coLLab/SDE21

Photo of team coLLab.

● team © coLLab/SDE21

View on the module concept of team coLLab between other buildings in the city.

● urban context © coLLab/SDE21

Exterior view on the model of team coLLabs module.

● model © coLLab/SDE21

Deeply High ● Istanbul/Lübeck, Turkey/Germany

The logo of Deeply High

● logo © Deeply High/SDE21

EFdeN ● Bucharest, Romania

Logo of team EFdeN.

● logo © EFdeN/SDE21

Portrait collage of the members of team EFdeN.

● team © EFdeN/SDE21

● team © EFdeN/SDE21

FIRSTlife ● Prague, Czech Republic

Logo of team FIRSTlife.

● logo © FIRSTlife/SDE21

Teamphoto of FIRSTlife

● team © FIRSTlife/SDE21

A 3D-model of the interior room concept of the module of team FIRSTlife.

● 3D-model © FIRSTlife/SDE21

Image of the urban situation of team FIRSTlife in Prague.

● urban situation Prague
© FIRSTlife/SDE21

Level Up ● Rosenheim, Germany

The logo of Level Up

● logo © Level Up/SDE21

Photo of team Level Up.

● team © Level Up/SDE21

3D-model of the module of Level Up with plants on the rooftop.

● 3D-model © Level Up/SDE21

local+ ● Aachen, Germany

The logo of local+

● logo © local+/SDE21

Photo of team localplus.

● team © local+/SDE21

Lungs of the City ● Pécs, Hungary

The logo of Lungs of the City

● logo © Lungs of the City/SDE21

Photo of team Lungs of the City.

● team © Lungs of the City/SDE21

Exterior view on the module of Lungs of the City in a gap between other buildings.

● photomontage urban situation
© Lungs of the City/SDE21

MIMO ● Dusseldorf, Germany

The logo of MIMO

● logo © MIMO/SDE21

Photo of team MI-MO.

● team © MIMO/SDE21

Exterior view on team MI-MOs extension model of Cafe Ada.

● 3D-model © MIMO/SDE21

Interior design of the module of team MI-MO.

● housing module © MIMO/SDE21

Exterior view on module concept of team MI-MO.

● model urban context © MIMO/SDE21

RoofKIT ● Karlsruhe, Germany

Logo of team RoofKIT.

● logo © RoofKIT/SDE21

A graphic of team RoofKIT with portraits of the team members and short subtitles with their names and positions.

● team © RoofKIT/SDE21

A 3D-model of the modules interior of team RoofKIT.

● 3D-model © RoofKIT/SDE21

A model of the module of team RoofKIT.

● model © RoofKIT/SDE21

Photomontage of the module addition to Cafe Ada made by team RoofKIT.

● photomontage urban situation
© RoofKIT/SDE21

SAB ● Bangkok, Thailand

Logo of team SAB.

● logo © SAB/SDE21

Photo of team SAB.

● team © SAB/SDE21

A 3D-model of the SAB modules inner space partly made of wood.

● 3D-model inner space © SAB/SDE21

A model of the exterior view on the SAB module between other buildings.

● 3D-model © SAB/SDE21

SUM ● Delft, Netherlands

Logo of team SUM.

● logo © SUM/SDE21

Team photo of team SUM.

● team © SUM/SDE21

Exterior view with glass walls on the SUM module.

● exterior render © SUM/SDE21

Sketch of the module sections of team SUM.

● building section © SUM/SDE21

TDIS ● Taipei, Taiwan

The logo of TDIS

● logo © TDIS/SDE21

Photo of team House for All.

● team © TDIS/SDE21

The different sections and their components of the module of House for All.

● section © TDIS/SDE21

Exterior view on the module concept of team House for All in a gap between other buildings.

● design draft © TDIS/SDE21

Team Sweden ● Gothenburg, Sweden

The logo of Team Sweden

● logo © Team Sweden/SDE21

UR-BAAN ● Bangkok, Thailand

Logo of team UR-BAAN.

● logo © UR-BAAN/SDE21

A 3D-model of a city area made by team UR-BAAN.

● 3D-model urban context

A 3D-model of the modules exterior of team UR-BAAN.

● 3D-model © UR-BAAN/SDE21

A 3D-model of an inner space with a bed, shelf and balcony, made by team UR-BAAN.

● 3D-model inner space

A model of the module components of team UR-BAAN.

● exploded view drawing

VIRTU/e ● Eindhoven, Netherlands

Logo of team VIRTUe.

● logo © VIRTUe/SDE21

Team photo illustration of VIRTUe

● team © VIRTUe/SDE21

Photomontage with the railway of Wuppertal, made by team VIRTUe.

● photomontage Wuppertal

Graphic of three persons smiling and partly standing, made by team VIRTUe.

● graphic © VIRTUe/SDE21

Illustration building of VIRTUe

● graphic © VIRTUe/SDE21

X4S ● Biberach, Germany

The logo of X4S

● logo © X4S/SDE21

The smiling X4S team.

● team © X4S/SDE21

The 3D-model of team X4S on a laptop screen.

● 3D-model © X4S/SDE21

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