meet the team behind sde 21/22

board of directors

Portrait of Daniel Lorberg, Project director of SDE21

Dr Dipl.-Kfm. Daniel Lorberg LL.M., M.A.
Project Director and Director for Economics & Social Sciences
Phone: +49 202 439 4515

Portrait of Katharina Simon.

Dr-Ing. Katharina Simon, M.Sc. Arch
Director and Head of Architecture & urban Innovation
Phone: +49 202 439 4511

Portrait of Prof. Karsten Voss.

Prof. Dr-Ing. Karsten Voss
Competition Director
Phone: +49 202 439 4094

general services & network management

Portrait of Kirstin Schreiber from SDE21

Dr Kirstin Schreiber
Head of Project Management
Phone: +49 202 439 4513

Portraut von Karolyn Kruse

Karolyn Kruse
Event Manager

Portrait von Claudio Cappelli

Claudio Cappelli
Technical Event Manager

Portrait von David Florian Haupts

Florian Haupts
Senior Assistant Event & Office


Portrait of Marion Wittfeld.

Dr Marion Wittfeld
Head of Communication
Phone: +49 151 5740 5105

Portrait of Oender Boeluekbasi.

Önder Bölükbasi, B.Sc.
Media Development Professional

Portrait of Lukas Press.

Lukas Preß
Assistant Media Development

Portrait of Virginia Pillmann.

Virginia Pillmann
Assistant Communication

architecture & urban innovation

Portrait of Frauke Rottschy.

Frauke Rottschy, Dipl.-Ing. MBA & Eng. (Architect)
Head of Team Communication

Portrait of Nils Schaefer.

Nils Schäfer, M.Sc. Arch
Head of Site Development

Portrait of Andrea Balcerzak from SDE21

Andrea Balcerzak, M.Sc. Arch
Team Communication Manager

Portrait of Lubna Sukhni from SDE21

Lubna Sukhni, M.Eng. Arch
Construction Executive Manager

Portrait of Theres Träumer from SDE21

Theres Täumer, M.Sc.
Site Development Professional

Portrait of Hannah Meichßner from SDE21

Hannah Meichßner, B.Sc.
Senior Assistant Architecture

Porträt von Christian Szterbin

Christian Szterbin, B.Sc.
Senior Assistant Architecture

Portrait of Ronja Lehmann

Ronja Lehmann, B.Sc.
Senior Assistant Architecture


Portrait of Helmut Krapmeier.

Vis. Prof. DI. Arch. Helmut Krapmeier
Competition Manager

Portrait of Isil Rizaoglu Kalpkirmaz.

Isil Kalpkirmaz Rizaoglu, M.Sc. Arch
Building Simulation Professional

Portrait of Olivia Spiker.

Dr-Ing. Olivia Spiker
Urban Mobility Professional

Portrait of Annette Hillebrandt.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Annette Hillebrandt
Sustainable Architecture Supervisor

Portrait of Anja Rosen.

Anja Rosen, M.A. Arch
Sustainable Architecture Professional

Portrait of Ralf Gloerfeld.

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Glörfeld
Special Tasks Manager

Portrait of Jan-Martin Mueller.

Jan Müller, M.Sc. Arch
Sustainable Architecture Professional

Portrait von Marina Bier

Marina Bier, M. Sc. Ing.
Safety Engineering / Occupational Health & Safety Professional

Portrait von Florian Hafner

Florian Hafner, M.Sc. Ing.
Safety Engineering / Occupational Health & Safety Professional

Portrait von Lena Kowalski

Lena Kowalsky
Senior Assistant Safety Engineering / Occupational Health & Safety

Portrait of Gamze Hort

Gamze Hort, M.Sc. Arch.

Portrait of Fabian Ladzinski

Fabian Ladzinski, M. Sc.
Fire Safety Professional

urban research

Portrait of Franziska Stelzer.

Dr Franziska Stelzer
Urban Research Professional

Portrait of Miriam Kuckuck.

Prof. Dr Miriam Kuckuck
Education Supervisor

Portrait of Ines Stelk.

Ines Stelk, M.Sc. M.A.
Urban Research Professional

Jutta Bedehäsing, Dipl.-Geogr., M.Ed.
Education Professional

Portrait of Lea-Naima Kings.

Lea Kings, M.A.
Urban Research Professional

Portrait of Melina Freudenthal.

Melina Freudenthal, B.A.
Senior Assistant Urban Research

Portrait of Christopher Kosloswski.

Christopher Koslowski
Senior Assistant Education

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