Our Urban Research – in and for the neigh­bour­hood

Active climate protection requires active citizens. Apart from advancing technical and architectural innovation, we, as a society, need to rethink current lifestyles and routines. This is the goal of this very first urban edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 (SDE 21/22) here in Wuppertal. Using the example of the Mirke Neighbourhood, our Urban Research Team explores how life, work and leisure could be improved and become more sustainable in the future. ●

Girl looking at a picture in an exhibition

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street in wuppertal

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Seating group in a room

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Our urban research covers the following areas:

Shop for rent written on paper in a shop window

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Space in our cities is an important resource in sustainable urban development. The COVID-19 pandemic shows: spaces are being used differently than before. Does this also apply to Wuppertal and its surroundings? Or will everything go back to normal after COVID-19? We provide answers in our analyses and events.

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Education is key for sustainable development – also in the Mirke Neighbourhood. A range of activities organised by our Education Team will raise awareness among children, adolescents and young adults about issues such as future living, renewable energy and sustainable urban development.

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The Urban Research Team of SDE21

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In a study, we would like to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors affect the views and expectations of future living, working and lifestyle patterns in the neighbourhood. This will provide us with valuable information that is not only important for research, but also helps to improve life in the neighbourhood.

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