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SDE21 Voss_Simon_Lorberg Copyright SDE21

Project leaders Dr. Daniel Lorberg, Dr.-Ing. Katharina Simon und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Voss (from right to left) © SDE21

Dr. Daniel Lorberg,
Project Director and Director for Economics & Social Sciences © SDE21

Dr.-Ing. Katharina Simon,
Director and Head of Architecture & urban Innovation © SDE21

The SDE21 team from the University of Wuppertal © SDE21

SDE21 Teams Copyright SDE19:ÉMI Non-profit Ltd.

The Solar Decathlon Europe takes place in Germany for the first time ©  SDE19/ÉMI Non profit Ltd.

SDE21 Logo SDE21 Copyright SDE21

The first urban edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe will take place in Wuppertal © SDE21

18 teams from eleven countries are participating in SDE21 ©  SDE19/ÉMI Non profit Ltd.

The district Mirke in Wuppertal is the focus of activities around SDE21 © SDE21



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Download the essential logos © SDE21

Download the primary SDE21 logos © SDE21

Download all logos © SDE21

Download all SDE21 logos © SDE21

Download the SDE21 brand manual © SDE21

Download the SDE21 brand manual © SDE21

documents for the teams


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