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About the team

We are Team House for All from the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Taipei, one of the most famous research-based universities in Taiwan. Teams of the NCTU have already successfully participated in Solar Decathlon competitions, e.g. SDE 2014 in Versailles and Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 in Dubai.

Our motivation

House for All will be a new solution for urban dwellers, transforming their lives in the city from overcrowded isolation to densely cooperation. Because of the climate crisis and overcrowded living conditions, we propose to change over the existing dwelling units as well as the social structure. To improve the uncomfortable living conditions, we will put efforts in solving both the physical and psychological problems in Taiwanese urban environments. Based on real Taipei, a city with the highest population density in Taiwan, we designed a new prototype, as a proposal to regenerate the row houses built in the 1960s.

According to our recent studies, many individuals nowadays dwell in sublet bedrooms, divided from row houses designed and built for traditional families in the 1960s. Between these private rooms is a lack of home safety, quality facility and common area for social activities. Plus the issue of house deterioration. Dwellers are facing an ever-worsening living environment.

With our activities relating to SDE21, we look forward to awakening the public’s attention to urban living issues, improving and solving the predicament of the current urban living condition and creating a new look for cities in the future.

Our motivation

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The different sections and their components of the module of House for All.

Project description

The site of our prototype is in Datong district, one of the oldest areas in Taipei. To make a real and effective improvement, we are now developing an architectural prototype to improve this non-connecting lifestyle with three innovative elements: “equality skin”, “party core wall”, and “civic plate”. These elements would be combined as shared thermal control layers wrapping the building. These layers would integrate all the individual utility units, such as energy generation devices, green vegetation, air filter, raindrop catcher.

On the ground floor is a common space for neighborhood booming. This common space is not only for social activities within the community, but also for connections to external streets. The prototype would contain modularized housing units and shared thermal control layers wrapping outside. The new dwelling unit will be designed under applied passive house design strategy, providing Air-tightness, Insulation, Heat Pump Equipments, Mechanical Ventilation, and Lighting. And with a reversible constructional material CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), the prototype will be pre-assembled and easily dismantled.

Moreover, we will conduct a series of activities before and after the competition with the idea of Intergenerational Cohousing Experimental Program aiming to raise the public awareness of long-term care services and the solitary of elder populations, and etc.

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For more information about House for All, please visit the project website.


Sheng-Kai Tseng, Project Manager
Phone: +886-35712121#58767

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House for All ● Taipei, Taiwan