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local+ ● Aachen, Germany

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University ● FH Aachen, University of Applied Sciences
Task ● Closing gaps, Mirke district, Wuppertal
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About the team

local+ stands for “Low Carbon Lifecycle +”. The + stands for a larger context, which not only describes the material and architectural style but also holistically considers and designs life models and living concepts. The local+ team mainly consists of architecture students, but we looked for support from various departments at our university. In the future, we would like to further intensify this cooperation. Additionally, we have primarily been working with the Solar Institute Jülich since applying for the SDE21.

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Project description

Our goal is to create high-quality architecture from sustainable resources. In our project, we focus on bridging social differences and creating a building that produces excess energy through innovative and futuristic systems. Right from the start of the planning processes, we focused on using sustainable materials and the development of new construction methods. These should have the lowest possible carbon footprint. Accordingly, both design and construction are defined by sustainability and efficiency.

Social Requirements and Community

Our project should address the social requirements of the Mirke district based on our social and cultural analysis. On this basis, we want to build a community centre. The main idea is social interaction among people.


Sustainability is much more than just resource-saving consumption. We also deal with the use of materials and methods that have less impact on our environment. This includes renewable raw materials with life cycles with longevity. The aim of our planning is also to design all of the main building elements so that they can subsist with a decent amount of maintenance, which is quick and therefore cost-effective. 


We want to use products that are not composed of several materials. Good separability is important for a comprehensible and ecological life cycle. We will be working with materials such as timber, glass and steel/aluminium.

Energy Efficiency

With its natural and constantly renewable range, timber offers incomparable potential for sustainable, environmental-friendly building design. In addition to being able to serve as an effective carbon storage throughout its lifespan, it is also highly recyclable.

Due to the energy-intensive manufacturing process of glass, we plan to work with glass manufacturing companies, which contribute to making glass production more sustainable through innovative technologies. We intend to keep the use of steel and other metals as low as possible and only use the material in such a way that high a recycling rate remains guaranteed.

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Lisa Erica Wangar, Communications Manager

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local+ ● Aachen, Germany