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Lungs of the City ● Pécs, Hungary

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University ● University of Pécs
Task ● Closing gaps, Pécs, Hungary
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About the team

The team Lungs of the City consists of students and members of the University of Pécs in Hungary.

Our motivation

Our Re Gardened Blocks Project (RGB) draws attention to the increasingly strong effects of urbanization and, within that, to the problems of downtowns in Hungary. In a downtown area with strictly closed building constructions, the residential and service blocks built on the streets, are completely close to the area they border. Streets are often ‘living spaces’ bordered by lifeless walls and pavements without green vegetation or natural environment.

At the same time, the energy-wasting and polluting operation of architecture, that makes up the spatial walls, further exacerbates the chances of a liveable city. The lack of public parks is also a common problem of ensuring healthy urban living areas. As if we would be separated away from our own lungs! Therefore we set ourselves the goal of re-creating the idea of an environmental friendly and sustainable architecture.

The RGB Project aims to implement a sample-program that focuses on a conscious green society, a healthy urban environment, and the architectural way to use renewable energy and zero-emission technologies.

Our motivation

A model builing by Lungs of the City

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Project description

The goal of the Re Gardened Blocks Project model-house is to create a well-optimized and at the same time personalized living space. Leaving behind unnecessary floor space and prioritizing community spaces. The entire project is based on a raster grid in a modular system, in which the spaces can be rearranged and populated with a minimal investment. This gives a layout similar to the metabolic vision of long-term operation, with free rearrangement of functions, easy and quick replacement of worn-out components.

One of the key goals of the Re Gardened Blocks project is to be able to demonstrate our targets for natural energy surplus and minimized emissions not only for the operation of the building but also for its entire life cycle. This is an objective that no one has yet undertaken, and that cannot be achieved with a single project.

As a result, in addition to the target area and its immediate surroundings, we have extended our project to the study of environmental management throughout the city. This study will be explored step by step in the coming year, and its impact on the development of the RGB project will be presented.

With the help of the program, we want to run the entire life cycle energy balance and emission balance for both the RGB Gate house and the newly created RGB district. Our goal is to demonstrate the two principles of environmentally positive architecture in the pilot project: RGB project = + energy home / – emission

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For more information about Lungs of the City, please visit the project website.


Dr. Tamás Kondor, Faculty Advisor


Hajnalka Juhász, Project Architect

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Lungs of the City ● Pécs, Hungary