For press accreditation, please write an email with your contact, medium and the desired days and events to Marion Wittfeld, wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de. You will receive your press ticket and further information by email.

We look forward to your visit!

Stay up to date with us: We support you in your coverage of the world's largest university building competition, the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, require additional material, or would like to schedule an interview.


20 May to 3 June Assembly phase
10 June to 26 June Event phase

Opening days

● 10 to 12 June
● 16 to 19 June
● 22 to 26 June

Assembly phase


Spontaneous visits to the construction site are not possible for safety reasons. If you would like to visit the site for photos or videos, please email Marion Wittfeld, wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de. We also provide you with daily updated photos and videos for your reporting.

On 1 June
– and thus ten days before the official opening – we will conduct a press tour of the construction site. The number of participants is limited. We look forward to receiving your registration by 30 May 2022, stating your name, medium and contact at wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de.

Please click here (Dropbox) for all photos and videos of the house construction on the Solar Campus.

Please click here for the short descriptions of all teams & projects of the SDE 21/22.

Please contact Dr Marion Wittfeld, Head of Communication, for any questions or requests:

Email: wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de
Phone: +49 151 57405105


event phase



The non-public days are necessary to carry out competition-relevant measurements in the houses. These measurements determine the winner teams in the contests Energy Performance, Comfort and House Functioning.

Just send an email with your name, contact, medium and desired visit date to Marion Wittfeld, wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de.

Please let us know if you would like to participate in the programme highlights on our opening day on 10 June and our final ceremony on 24 June with the announcement of the overall winner. We look forward to your visit!

Please click here for the site map.

Guided tours of the houses occur continuously on the opening days from the morning until the award ceremonies in the evening.

Exclusive press tours will take place on 10 June from 10:30 to 11:30 am before the official opening.



Yes, free wifi is available. You will receive the access data with your accreditation.

Please click here for the detailed event programme.


Please contact Dr Marion Wittfeld, Head of Communication
Email: wittfeld@uni-wuppertal.de
Phone: +49 151 57405105

For any questions or requests, please contact:

Dr Marion Wittfeld Head of Communication

Email: wittfeld​@uni-wuppertal.de
Phone: +49 151 57405105

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press distri­bution list

our models on tour

The architectural models of the Solar Decathlon teams are now on exhibit at 14 prominent locations in Wuppertal.

The contest winner award at SDE19

out of competition awards

The SDE 21/22 teams can get ten OOC-Awards. In addition to professional prizes, there is also an audience prize and a Mirke District prize.

Thumbnail of the Youtube series "Walking Tours Wuppertal" by SDE21

New video: Walking Tours Wuppertal

In the ‘SDE 21/22 Walking Tours Wuppertal’ pupils show us their Mirke district.