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In June 2022 the Solar Decathlon will take place in Wuppertal – and thus for the first time in Germany. It is the international university competition for urban building and living, which has been inspiring millions of viewers worldwide with attractive buildings and a top-class event since 2002. To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, this Solar Decathlon is dedicated to the transformation of urban space – and your company can be part of it. (register here)

Members of SDE19 building a roof

● © SDE19 | ÉMI Non profit Ltd

Some members of SDE19 building a house

● © SDE19 | ÉMI Non profit Ltd

the competition

Eighteen interdisciplinary university teams from eleven countries have qualified themselves for participation. Their mission: To solve the challenges of urban building development sustainably and innovatively. After more than two years of intensive work, the teams present not only an overall concept but their one- to two-storey buildings in the event area in the most central location in the transformation city of Wuppertal.

main event june 2022 in wuppertal

These buildings are open to the public from 10 to 26 June 2022. As the name Decathlon says, the teams compete in ten disciplines. The evaluation is carried out by renowned expert juries as well as by state-of-the-art measurement technology. Roundabout 150,000 visitors are expected to take part in inspiring guided tours of the buildings and the scientific and entertainment program of this Solar Decathlon.

main event june 2022 in wuppertal

A Solar Decathlon campus

● © Stefano Paltera | U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Some interior inspiration of the SDE19

● © SDE19 | ÉMI Non profit Ltd.

Winners announcement ceremony at SDE19

● © SDE19 | ÉMI Non profit Ltd.

be part of it!

You want to support the teams, present your solutions for the sustainable (re)construction of our cities and become part of a unique large-scale project with immense media attention? Then register your company in our supplier database.

At the beginning of 2021, we provide the teams with a digital database of individual company offers. This enables the teams to solve their extensive material requirements from building materials to tools to interior design reliably and over short distances. 

You can use this database free of charge to place your products and get in contact with the teams. You have a free hand in the design of your entries; discounts or loans are possible.

The teams can view the offers and contact you. All agreements and contracts are made individually between providers and the international university teams (more information here) 

supplier database