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Current building stock is subject to a range of stringent requirements. Buildings need to be renovated to improve their energy efficiency without negatively affecting the architectural character of the neighbourhood. Living space should be family-friendly and accessible to senior citizens, thus providing a home for Young and Old, while remaining affordable. Building stock investments therefore always need to be evaluated with respect to concerns about urban living, socio-economic status and energy efficiency.

To meet our climate change objectives, our building stock needs to evolve. Globally, buildings are responsible for 32 percent of final energy consumption and 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. In Germany, these percentages are even higher. Admittedly, single-glazed windows are now the exception in our buildings; facades, roofs and cellar ceilings are well insulated and heating systems have become more efficient.

In short, buildings have become more energy efficient. Nevertheless, potential to increase energy efficiency remains and should be explored. After all, buildings need to be ‘climate-neutral’ by 2050, that is, they must no longer produce any CO₂ emissions, if we are to meet our climate goals.

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Together in the neighbourhood

As part of the SDE21, we will educate the public about the issue of improving the energy efficiency of buildings. We specifically approach property owners, motivating them to improve the energy performance of their buildings through structural updates. For us, energy renovation is more than just installing new technologies that are more efficient and lower in emissions. It is a complex decision-making process. We wish to understand this process, as well as the various obstacles and promoting factors involved in it, in order to develop tailor-made opportunities for Mirke district together with our partners.

With a special focus on the private individuals who own and rent out residential properties in Mirke district, our programmes are intended to assist property owners with their decisions as well as with actual renovation projects. We chose this target group because privately owned properties are not only typical for Mirke district and Germany in general, but because they also offer great potential for improvements in energy performance.

Together in the

● The impact of the real-world experiment will be assessed in our SDE21 citizens’ panel ●

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Our goal is to offer opportunities that are specifically targeted towards particular renovation needs in Mirke district. We wish to meet property owners right where the issue lies and will therefore develop targeted events on the basis of concrete feedback from the district. There will be a range of events, encompassing thematic workshops, e.g. on the renovation of listed properties or on funding opportunities, as well as tours around the neighbourhood and viewings of recently renovated buildings.

Events addressing specific intentions around building energy improvements, such as the replacement of an outdated heating system, or property sale and purchase in general, may also be possible. At the same time, we will offer comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the entire renovation process for those who wish to upgrade their building to become more energy efficient. 

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