the sde21 campus – a creative urban hub


the mirke district

The Solar Campus is located in the northern part of the Mirke district and borders directly on the Mirker Railway Station, which houses Utopiastadt. Utopiastadt is partly responsible for the Mirke district having become a neighbourhood with creative and involved citizens as well as active small and medium-sized enterprises. Utopiastadt has promoted a bottom-up development that is unique in Germany and has attracted much attention from the media. The station building and the surrounding grounds are central contact points for creative urban development and have given

strong momentum to creative enterprises, social entrepreneurship and cultural and socio-ecological neighbourhood and urban development at the local and regional levels. Utopiastadt often forms the link between the municipal administration, science and society at large, so is often a main motor for projects and questions concerning urban development. With the support of all participants – inhabitants, enterprises, city, research institutions and multipliers – this offers an ideal platform for the Solar Decathlon Europe going urban.

the solar campus and utopiastadt

The campus is foreseen on vacant land along the former Nordbahntrasse railway line. The land will be owned by the project partner, Utopiastadt, in 2021. A contract ensures, that there will be no building activity on the land before 2021, that such it will be available as the site for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021. The 3.2 hectare area which has been chosen for the competition is flat, free of any surface obstructions (buildings and cables), oriented east-west and the south facing side of the buildings is completely unshaded. This area is used several times each year for festivals and 

other large events in Wuppertal, with up to 20,000 visitors daily. The required accompanying events and services will be housed in the Mirker station building, which will be completely modernised until 2021, and in selected function rooms throughout the entire Mirke district. Large, modern toilet facilities will be located in the station, next to a café with an outdoor terrace facing the Nordbahntrasse and the Solar Campus, and are accessible from outdoors. There is room for up to 18 solar demonstration units to be constructed on the area.

nature of the terrain

The ground is structurally sufficiently stable for both building foundations and bracing components. An analysis of the terrain revealed that some of the ground is covered with interlocking pavers, and some of it with gravel.

However, the subsoil will be made the same for all participants of the competition. It will be sufficiently compacted for heavy transport trucks and cranes. According to an expert study, the ground is free of any relevant contamination.

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