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The Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 is about developing adapted yet transferable solutions for neighbourhood districts in European cities. This requires an in-depth understanding of the local circumstances as well as insights into attitudes and behaviours of local residents. That’s where the Mirke Neighbourhood Survey comes in.

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In three surveys between May 2021 and August/September 2022, we will explore how the neighbourhood residents would like to live and work in the future and what influence the coronavirus has on this. The main focus and question is: What should a future – and post-Corona – neighbourhood look like to enable a good life for everyone?

The aim is to find answers to these and other questions and to enable citizens to jointly discuss the results and to actively shape their neighbourhood. The results will in turn support the municipal planning of the City of Wuppertal as well as the work of local initiatives and associations.

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The Neighbourhood Survey offers the residents of the Mirke Neighbourhood the opportunity to enter into direct and recurring dialogue with our research team. By participating in the Mirke Neighbourhood Survey, citizens can themselves become active. They provide insights into their routines and attitudes and share their views on local challenges, transformation processes and important questions for the future.

A total of three surveys in 2021 and 2022 will record ‘snapshots’ of the Mirke Neighbourhood, track developments over time and gather suggestions for improvements. Additionally, the effect of the SDE 21/22 main event in June 2022 as well as the education and public relations work will be evaluated.

The insights generated by the panel will find practical application in the work of the SDE21 Urban Research Team, the City of Wuppertal, and local practical actors. At the same time, they will provide unique data documenting the relationships between social and technical realities in the neighbourhood. This will be relevant for the competing teams as well as for the transferability of the innovations developed during the competition.

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All residents of the Mirke Neighbourhood over the age of 16 are invited to take part in the Mirke Neighbourhood Survey. Every household received a personal postal invitation from the City of Wuppertal in the summer of 2021. Additionally, there was and still is the option to directly register online as well. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The first survey took place in September/October 2021, followed by two more in February and August/September 2022.

Questions about everyday life in the Mirke Neighbourhood and what a neighbourhood should look like in the future to enable a good life for all form the focus of the survey. Additionally, the participants can name topics that are important to them personally, and in this way help shape future questionnaires and research priorities.

Participation pays off: views and personal experiences regarding life in the Mirke can be communicated simply and unbureaucratically. As a thank-you for participating, everyone receives the ‘Meine-Mirke-Pass’ [My Mirke Card], which offers discounts, free drink vouchers and great benefits in the neighbourhood.

We communicate the results of the survey transparently in interesting events. After each survey round, we start a dialogue with the neighbourhood residents, interested citizens and experts to initiate a discussion.

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