SDE21, the first urban edition

SDE21 is unique!

This is the first edition of the Solar Decathlon Europe that specifically focuses on the transition of urban neighbourhoods and their existing building stocks.

Excited? The Call for Teams is out! Apply before 25th of October 2019!

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your challenge for the SDE21!

create your task in two steps!

Step 1: Choose one of three urban situations (1. renovation & extension, 2. closing gaps, 3. renovation & addition of storey) from our target district “Mirke” in Wuppertal or a district from your country/city of origin.

Please find the urban situations for district Mirke here.

Step 2: Have a close look at the district and its citizens. Then choose a group of residents for whom you transform your object according to what you think will be a relevant (social) innovation for your selected district. 
Find out more about district Mirke as a social scenario here. 

handle two challenges

The whole project splits up into a design challenge for the entire building project and the challenge to design, build and operate a Demonstration Unit (similar to SDE units from past competitions).

design challenge

The requirements for the building designs are similar to an architectural design competition. A design and energy concept for the whole building needs to be developed following the idea of carbon neutrality. 

A continuous part of the building design is the site concept: Besides the building design task, the surrounding neighbourhood is described. On a conceptual level, this offers the possibility to address neighbourhood solutions such as open space design, shared spaces, energy networks, urban mobility solutions etc. 

building challenge/demonstration unit

The Demonstration Unit is part of the whole designed building. The Teams are free to choose the most representative part of their building design, but solar systems have to be integrated. 

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contests, scoring & evaluation

Preliminary version, 9thJuly 2019

The rules of SDE21 are under preparation by the organizers to consider the specialties of this SDE edition in detail. However, the 10 contests and the associated scoring are compiled already. With the exception of the three monitoring based contests, all other contests address the design challenge as well as the building challenge.

contest schedule

Preliminary version, 9thJuly 2019

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