Photomontage by Bärbel Offergeld showing “Mirker Bahnhof” on left side, right the Team Wuppertal (2010) and team Swiss SDE houses (2017); background picture by Sven Pacher, cut out people Skalgubbar

sde21 wuppertal, germany

In the 21st century, humanity is at a turning point: we are crossing planetary boundaries while humanity’s move to the cities is in full swing. Buildings generate around 40 percent of EU energy consumption. Furthermore around 75 percent of the building stock in the EU are energetically inefficient. Around 50 percent of waste in Germany is generated by the construction sector and if building practices based on concrete, steel, and cement will not change, the two-degree climate target is unreachable.
Upon all this, there´s one thing we can be sure of: A new idea of the city is necessary to save the planet.
Find ways to reduce waste and raise energy efficiency!
Show your concepts for a better urban life with less living space!
Address ways of sharing and make people feel cozy in an ever-changing world!
Share your ideas on turning crowded streets into quiet spaces and shape the mobility of the future!
Answer our Call to this Urban Solar Decathlon and have a loud voice in urban sustainability transition!